Projects during my Master Degree will be published here. Follow me guys…

Data Mining Project

Title: Expectation Maximization in Model Based Clustering

Model based clustering make assumptions about clusters which  randomly chosen at the beginning. At expectation maximization  we can use probability density function to get a model of a cluster that we created before and move objects between clusters to create perfect (smallest) standard deviation from the  cluster model. To do this we can find the occurrence probability of an object in cluster. You can find an implementation of EM algorithm below;

View Code

And do not forget to download commons-lang3-3.0 library from apache site.

Optimization Project

Title: Estimating Path Loss Exponent and Application with Log Distance Path Loss Model

Wireless Communication is a big part of our life in this century and all calculations related to this field also effects our wireless experience quality from cell phones to bluetooth dongles. Signal propagation model’s importance increasing day by day on behalf of quality of signal. There are some theoretically and practically proved models in this field. We will mention about some theoretical approaches and derive another one using an estimation technique. With this technique we will create an error function derived from measured values and minimize that error using Cauchy method to find optimized variables to fit our model. You can download the paper using following link;

Download Paper

Advanced Graphics Project (KOU with OpenGL)

Hi guys, happy to see you here. I made a small project which is working such as powerpoint. You can create, choose and modify items. It also has a undo buffer. The code written in Linux so it won’t be very useful for you (Linux Dummies). So I just put the paper here to be download. You can also find an example of selection array, it was so hard for me to find a working example. Here it is ;

Advanced Graphics Project Paper

Expert Systems

In the following document I have implemented a fuzzy goal programming approach for scheduling. The difference between this document and others these you can find on the internet with a little search is I have included the source code to be implemented by you, readers. I have struggled to understand and re-model the problem . The solver program (CAD tool – Glpsol) which is being used in this paper is open source and free, best of it, it is up to date and you can find it.



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