How to sick suicide for Dummy SMB’s

How about Future Plans ?

  • Make a path for you which you have no idea and spend months for it  with arguing in a smelly room or,
  • Just focus on your weak points and work all about it.
  • Attack to markets which is being directed by multi billion dollar companies which haven’t heard the name of the country that you live in.

How About Ongoing Projects ?

  • Make dozens of demonstrations to every company that you have phone number with expectations of funding and spend your valuable and limited man power.
  • In the middle of work flow change all plans of your employees with the only word of a useless man which is attendant of demonstration.
  • If this does not make cheer up your employees, tell them that you are not changing plans and both work flow must be gone parallel instead of  new work flow.

How to Treat to Your Employees ?

  • Make a deal with your developers while you are recruiting them and force them to work with irrelevant jobs and long hours.
  • If they frustrated because of low salary, long working hours and irrelevant jobs with their specialties that you assign; give them your word about being a shareholder one day, which never comes.
  • And never ever understand the value of your hard working employees and treat them such as a freshman like they have no effort on your business.
If these are not enough for your ship to sink, just wait for a while again. You eventually will …

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